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Jacksonville Jaguars' Allen Robinson and Indianapolis Colts' Vontae Davis in action

Wembley win finally gives Jacksonville Jaguars something to write home about

Pitchside pyrotechnics, pillars of popcorn and a mascot descending from the roof on a zip line. The National Football League celebrated a decade of regular-season games at Wembley as only it knows how. There was even a first win of this season for London’s ‘home’ team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, who survived a wild fourth-quarter rally to beat the Indianapolis Colts 30-27.


NFL: Washington Redskins at New York Giants

Time for Odell Beckham to quit the tantrums and let his talent do the talking

Ben McAdoo, the first-year head coach of the New York Giants, made a brief statement and took several questions from reporters after his team practised on Wednesday. The first nine questions happened to be about the Green Bay Packers, Sunday’s opponent. McAdoo was a Packers’ assistant for eight seasons, the last two as a coach for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.