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Brooklyn Nets 2

Brooklyn Nets begin New York rivalry with win over Knicks

The landscape of professional basketball inside New York City was permanently transformed on Monday night as the upstart Brooklyn Nets landed a clean right hook onto the chin of their new intra-city rivals, the New York Knicks, who they defeated 96-89 in a tightly contested overtime thriller.

NBA: NBA Draft

'Just shoot': Ben Simmons slowly adjusts to life as an NBA star

Watching Ben Simmons pass a basketball is something you could do all day. At 6ft 10in, he towers over the other point guards, flicking throws to team-mates that blur in the arena lights. It is easy to see how he can be that rare generational player who will lead the Philadelphia 76ers for the next decade.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA tanking may be traumatic but it works

When I read that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will not allow his abysmal 3-13 basketball team to succumb to the darkness and tank for better odds in the draft lottery, I clutched my imaginary pearls in horror.