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Diaries of a Daytona Addict: #4 Rodeos and V8s


This is it. It is meltdown friday. The jet lag and two full days finally catch up. We go out for a late breakfast, return and promptly fall asleep. One or two even sit outside by the cement pond overlooking the lake and scan the surface for alligators. The weather is definitely on the turn though still pretty cold.


Bernie Ecclestone: Gilded court of the speed king

Had Bernie Ecclestone wanted to find a platform from which to bring his daughter's new Channel 5 reality show – Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$ Girl – to the attention of a wider audience, he could have done no better than the witness box in the German courtroom from which he gave evidence against the defendant in what has been described as the biggest corruption trial in modern German history.