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Andy Murray has the smart weapons to counter Karlovic’s Wimbledon bombs

Cartoon Bomb

When Ivo Karlovic, always the tallest and now the oldest player left in the tournament, launches one of his service bombs from its maximum height on Centre Court at Wimbledon on Monday afternoon, with his feet off the ground and his strong right arm stretched to the skies, the ball will start its 135mph journey towards Andy Murray roughly at the eye level of the chair umpire.

Dustin Brown: a slow burner finally shining bright at Wimbledon 2015


You can’t miss Dustin Brown, but you can, apparently, mistake him. As he made his way to practice court No4 at lunchtime, a little boy lifted up a tennis ball for him to sign, and his mum, momentarily confused, said: “Thank you, Gaël.” When someone nearby pointed out her mistake, she was mortified: “I’m so sorry, Dan.”