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Niko Kovac drags Eintracht Frankfurt into the future with a retro approach

Hey Bundesliga? Si senõr, the league is on. Ten games into the 2016-17 season, there are the old, familiar, expected faces at both ends of the table – FC Bayern (unbeaten und unconvincing) at the top, Hamburger SV (clueless, rudderless, irreparable) at the bottom – but otherwise, it’s a jolly good mess of smart overachievers, former giants growing in stature, elite sides mired in inconsistency and an array of sporting disasters of varying magnitude.

Gareth Southgate: ‘Only Gazza could have done that celebration’

Celebration after Paul Gascoigne's goal v Scotland - Euro 96

It was while Gareth Southgate was looking ahead to England’s game against Scotland and reiterating the importance of “emotional control” in these fixtures that his mind went back to Euro 96 and the kind of sketch that probably felt perfectly normal then bearing in mind the identity of the man around whom the story revolves.