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Call Out the Cops

Cops - Daniel Wildman

Now that Boris Johnson has taken over as chairman of Transport for London (tfl), he might have a quiet word with the chaps that control his parking wardens and ask them if they would mind terribly using their noddle once in a while.

Wi-Fi in the Sky

It's the beginning of the end: Wi-Fi will soon be available on planes. Hallelujah! But does that mean that mobile phones will be allowed next?

The Truth About Your Life

Downhill - Andy Molina

When my wife was pregnant she subscribed to e-mail updates meticulously outlining week-by-week the stages of development the baby was going through. Imagine if that service was in fact provided for adults as well.

Etiquette for Social Networkers

Laptop - Georgios Wollbrecht

Last month, Martha Stewart gave an unintended lesson to all those who feel the need to blog or put post on social networking sites. Having attended a private fundraising function, she posted a photo of herself with a very gaunt looking Paul Newman, sparking rumours of his failing health.

HITC Life - One Year of Stories

Laurie the Hooters Girl

Today, HITC Life is one year old. And we've seen a lot in the past year - a stripper, a charity band of bankers, some Hooters girls, a bit on manbags, some more on Britishness and a lot of sex.