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Read, Write, Be Read

Hello My Name Is Sticker

Blogging is an easy way to put your written word out there, but finding readers isn't. So why not write for HITC Life? We can guarantee you'll be read.

Room at the Inn

Hotel Room - Niels Laan

It almost doesn’t matter what you are expecting when you arrive at a hotel. There is always an element of anticipation.

No Handbags at Dawn

Canvas Bag - Ali Farid

A few months ago, one of my friends went to have dinner in a restaurant in London. As always, she carefully placed her handbag by the wall, under the table by her feet. Now that should be fine, right?

A London Underground 'Service' Announcement

To The Top - James Wilsher

Dear commuter: Please find below five important new rules which have come into effect immediately. These are designed to make your journey more pleasant and to discourage those with little or no common sense to find an alternate mode of transportation.

The 500 EURO Note

500 Euro Note

For something that weighs about one gram, it is certainly capable of causing a lot of fuss, particularly now that the undercover team from HMRC has figured out that it is a perfect tool for money launderers.

When Hoarding Goes Too Far

Eggs on a Blue Washbasin - Toni Sanchis

I know many people who hoard. The things they hoard range from university lecture notes religiously written in their own brand of shorthand, to disposable plastic containers from take-away meals to expired foodstuffs hidden away in the bowels of the freezer.

The Pope's Easter Dismissive

Easter Egg

Gusty winds and pouring rain in freezing temperatures. That would be Easter 2010 in London then. The BA and rail strikes were to follow, offering an equally optimistic outlook. So what's a Londoner to do?




How to handle the heat (with science)

Many are reporting that this weekend could see a heatwave in the UK. But wherever and whenever they are, intelligent humans have developed ways to cool down, some of which are more drastic than others