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It's OK to Be Gay (For the Day)

Amsterdam Canal Parade Karsten Qualmann

This weekend, the Canal Parade, highlight of the annual Gay Pride festival, made its way through the Amsterdam city centre. But just how liberal are we in The Netherlands?

What Would Don Draper Do?


There is no problem that Don Draper can't fix. Here is a brilliant flow chart info-graphic brought to us by to help us mere mortals solve our problems the Don Draper way!

The Sun Walk

The Starting Line

On a fine day in July, the sun finally decided to show us it was still there. I was having a gentle amble around the Serpentine, when we were suddenly inundated with strange-looking women.

To-Do or Not To-Do

To Do List Kimberly Vohsen

I love to tick off to-do lists. Who doesn’t? I even like the movement of a V shape that my hand makes when ticking off another to-do.