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Auditioning For the Olympics

Exp Strange Angels Nick Cowie

When it was announced that London would host the 2012 Olympics, I was just as excited as the rest of the country. I applied for as many tickets as possible (and got three events), and when the volunteer application process began, I signed right up. Somewhere along the way, I also signed up to volunteer at the Opening Ceremony.

Credit Cards (How Not to Use Them)

Black Wallet Spencer Ritenour

Some time ago I decided to go back to school, and one of the classes I took as part of this adventure was on financial regulation. Having worked in the financial industry for all my working life, I qualify as a Banker.




Which countries are happiest ?

Every year the UN compiles a list of the world’s happiest countries. The most recent survey, from 2013, ranked more than 20 countries above the UK. So what puts a smile on faces from Copenhagen to Colchester?