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You Learn Something New Every Day ...

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This City of London vs. London video is perfect for those who are looking for some new dinner table conversation starters, or those who just want to impress their friends with their MASSIVE brains.

The Opening Ceremony: WTF?

Grunge Union Jack John McMurdo

Friday night, Facebook shook under the swear words coming from a particular American friend's keyboard. It started innocently enough. "Ooof England." Then it escalated to "Holy Shit England". Finally, it was "STOP LONDON. JUST STOP" (thereby proving that strong statements need not include f-bombs).

The Robb Report For Real

Leffot Moccasins

As a kid in Tampa, Florida, I used to accompany my father on Sundays to pick up the New York Times from a particular newsstand. Occasionally he'd buy the Robb Report, and I'd ask myself: Who really reads this?