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Forget unicorns, chase 'cockroaches': Flickr founder

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Valuations for tech startups seemingly know no bounds but the co-founder of Flickr told CNBC that she believes tech startups worth $1 billion or more – the so-called "unicorns" of the industry – are "highly over-valued."

Facebook now averages over one billion users a day

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Facebook now averages 1.1 billion users per day, according quarterly results announced on Wednesday, which also revealed the company made more money on mobile advertising alone than the whole business took in during the same period last year.

Twitter is replacing favourites with likes – but does anyone heart it?

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Favourites – we use them for a myriad of reasons. Favouriting a tweet could mean “I like this tweet”, or “good point”, or “this is fun, but not enough to retweet”, or “I acknowledge your communication, but can’t be bothered to reply”, or “the conversation is ending now, but on a positive note!” Also, the favourite is a great bookmarking tool.