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US Elections: After The Campaign, The Hush of Polling Day Descends

The White House

At long last, the candidates will fall silent, the pollsters will put away their clipboards and the hush of election day will descend on America. In their tens of millions, watched anxiously by billions more around the world, Americans will finally end a long and bitter campaign, cast their votes and choose a president.

Obama v Romney: The Final Push

Mitt Romney Close Up

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney on Saturday began the last frantic days of campaigning in their battle for the White House by criss-crossing America's key swing states.

Americans would like to vote out Obama, but Romney makes it difficult

Mitt Romney Close Up

On the BBC a few weeks ago the New York Times pundit David Brooks explained to his British audience that American voters are "looking for an excuse to vote against the president". Spot on, I thought. Voters are disappointed in the promise that Barack Obama represented in 2008, but Mitt Romney has been making it hard for swing voters to elect him president instead.