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Could David Cameron survive Brexit?

PM attends European Council

Oh dear, a clutch of slightly moth-eaten Tory grandees have laid into David Cameron, George Osborne, into the Treasury and Bank of England too, in terms that will make it even harder to bind up the country’s wounds when the referendum campaign ends.

Jo Cox obituary


The Labour MP Jo Cox, who has died aged 41 after being shot and stabbed in her constituency of Batley and Spen, in West Yorkshire, was a woman who in many ways represented the character and style of the modern Labour party. She was widely viewed as someone who could have been a serious player in the party in the years to come.

Minister for absolute clarity muddies the Brexit waters

Water Down The Plughole

There were just two people in the Vote Leave office when the phone rang shortly before 8.20am, the intern on work experience and Priti Patel, the employment minister. The intern had one job and one job only: to make sure Priti wasn’t allowed anywhere near the phone. He failed.