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Lee Kuan Yew obituary


As first prime minister of Singapore, serving for three decades until 1990, and a continuing cabinet presence for the two that followed, Lee Kuan Yew, who has died aged 91, was a man whose story reflected his times.

Salmond says SNP will 'hold the power' in hung parliament

Alex Salmond outside Scotland House

Alex Salmond has piled pressure on Ed Miliband by pledging to force the hand of a minority Labour government by pushing for deals on a “vote-by-vote” basis in which the Scottish National party (SNP) would seek to water down Labour’s fiscal plans in its first budget.

Nick Clegg risks party split over vote on EU, rivals warn

Clegg Rally

Senior Lib Dems warned on Saturday night of disastrous consequences if a Tory-led government is allowed to stage an in/out referendum on Britain’s EU membership, as signs grew that Nick Clegg could split his party if he tries to form a second coalition with the Conservatives.