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Labour moves ahead of Tories on the day the polls turned

Ed Miliband with tea

The strongest, if still tentative, sign that the Conservatives’ narrow and negative campaign is misfiring emerged on Thursday when three polls showed Labour moving ahead and, for the first time, one poll found that Ed Miliband had more positive personal approval ratings than David Cameron.

Ed Miliband: Labour will scrap non-dom tax status

Ed Miliband with tea

Ed Miliband will promise to end a colonial-era symbol of inequity in the tax system by announcing that, if he wins the election, he will abolish the non-domicile rule that allows many of Britain’s richest permanent residents to avoid paying tax in the UK on their worldwide income.



Boris Johnson chairs meeting

Boris Johnson accused of 'dishonest gymnastics' over TTIP U-turn

Boris Johnson has been accused by the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, the Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Soames, of “fundamentally dishonest gymnastics” for criticising a planned multibillion-pound trade deal between the US and the EU that he had previously lauded as “Churchillian” for its brilliance.