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Lord Jenkin of Roding obituary


The former Conservative cabinet minister Patrick Jenkin, Lord Jenkin of Roding, was a diligent and loyal member of successive Margaret Thatcher administrations.

The fate of the MPs who plotted a coup against Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Train

Remember those few days in June when Labour MPs couldn’t stop resigning? That long Sunday after the country had voted for Brexit, when every time you turned on the radio another shadow cabinet minister had stood down, calling for Jeremy Corbyn to do likewise? Or the next day, when the only thing you wanted to quit was the non-stop news, just for a few hours, but there was Angela Eagle in tears at her own resignation? Before June, the mass resignation of 44 frontbench politicians in as many hours, all citing a loss of confidence in their leader, would have led to said leader being turfed out of office.