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Donald Trump victory sparks global women’s rights marches

Donald Trump Arm Out

After a year of seismic shocks comes the protest and fightback. At least that is what activists plan with the first major demonstration of the year – the women’s march – planned for 30 cities around the world on 21 January, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the US.


Brotherhood Of Steel Soldier

Port Talbot struggles to see a life beyond steel

Port Talbot’s derelict Plaza Cinema is a boarded-up patchwork of neglect and decay. Even the colourful murals, which adorn the exterior, of the town’s most famous sons – Michael Sheen, Richard Burton and Sir Anthony Hopkins – cannot conceal the broken windows and soot-smudged facade of this once-loved building.


Nigel Farage having a break

Nigel Farage to host LBC radio talkshow

It may not be the ambassadorship to Washington, or even to the EU, but Nigel Farage does finally have a steady job now he is no longer Ukip leader: presenting a radio talkshow four nights a week.