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Parent Governors - Anything but 'Symbolic'

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Drowned out by the contentious budget and announcement that all schools will be made to become academies, there's a chance that you may have missed the Government's announcement last week that it was abolishing parent governors.

Corbyn calls on PM to let go of Osborne over budget turmoil

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Jeremy Corbyn has urged the prime minister to tell his “great friend” George Osborne to “find something else to do” in the House of Commons, as he tried to turn the civil war at the heart of the government to Labour’s advantage by calling for the chancellor’s head.



Theresa May at Conservative Party Conference

Theresa May rules out snap UK election after ‘shock’ of Brexit vote

Theresa May has insisted in her first major interview since taking office that there will be no snap general election before 2020. The prime minister told The Andrew Marr Show the country needed a period of stability after the shockwaves of the pro-Brexit vote, and that the UK should be prepared for “difficult times” ahead, despite better-than-expected economic indicators.