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Confessions of an entrepreneur

Pulling Hair

Leaving her ego at the door, Elisha Tan, a 27-year-old Singaporean tech entrepreneur, stood up in front of an of audience over 100 people to talk candidly about her startup's failure - a topic few in the industry are brave enough to discuss publicly.

New Scrabble-friendly phrases


Scrabble fans! A new edition of your favorite and most "grammatically correct" board game has been published, but it comes with a few new "ridic" words.

More fund managers should join the fight on boardroom pay

Boxing Gloves

Dominic Rossi at Fidelity Worldwide Investment is right: a long-term incentive plan is nothing of the sort if executives can get their hands on the financial prizes after only three years. That’s no time at all – about half the average business cycle – and it introduces a lottery-style element.