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Goldman Sachs warns on election result

Nicola Sturgeon

Goldman Sachs has warned that a Labour victory in the general election - and particulary a tie-up with the SNP - would be bad for British business and could damage confidence in the economy and financial markets.



Vote Green sign

Green party manifesto launch: spending on everything … but time

Blink and you missed it. Barely 20 minutes after both Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas had first appeared in one of the spaces in the Arcola renewable energy theatre in Dalston – everything is a space in this part of east London – they were both gone. Speeches made and questions more or less answered. More less than more, on balance.

Nigel Farage with Press

Real change can only be gained through Ukip, claims Nigel Farage

Ukip will try to cast itself as a serious political party by presenting a “fully costed” manifesto that pledges to help take the UK out of the European Union within two years and bring back the “primary purpose rule” scrapped by Labour that forced immigrants to prove their marriages to British citizens are genuine.