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Real Madrid twist the knife again to give Atlético the cruellest of nights

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo in action

So close yet so far. Not once, not twice, but three times. At the end of an extraordinary night in Milan, there were tears at both ends of San Siro, where players and supporters were exhausted, but the emotions could hardly have been more different. The European Cup has been the making of Real Madrid, 11-times winners, and the breaking of Atlético Madrid, the knife slipped in once more. Slipped in and then twisted.



PM and Boris Johnson visit London cab makers

Polls show Tory voters are pushing Britain towards staying in EU

This has been the week when the polls – though not all of them – appeared to shift towards Remain. The scale of the move varied across the range of pollsters, but the big thing in all polling analysis is to look for the general direction of travel, paying particular attention to the fieldwork dates.