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BofA equities unit sees shake up

Bank of America

Bank of America equities chief Fabrizio Gallo is shaking up leadership across his division, promoting Glenn Koh to run its trading operations globally, as at least a half-dozen other deputies take on new roles or leave.

At last, Corbyn acts in Labour's wider interest

Jeremy Corbyn

In suspending Bradford West’s MP, Naz Shah, from the Labour party while the context of her antisemitic comments (on Facebook in 2014) are thoroughly investigated, Jeremy Corbyn may have made a small but significant move in the direction of electability.

Tony Blair courted Chinese leaders for Saudi prince's oil firm

Tony Blair

Tony Blair obtained a “blessing” from Chinese leaders for a company owned by a Saudi prince to do business in China as part of an arrangement that paid the former UK prime minister’s firm £41,000 a month and a 2% commission on any multimillion-pound contracts he helped to secure.