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The Judas Kiss [REVIEW]

Rupert Everett

I booked this play for three reasons: firstly, it was outside of the West End and I wanted to do something different with my theatre group; secondly, it was about Oscar Wilde; and lastly, it stars Rupert Everett, who I think got unfairly slated for his performance in Pygmallion. Initially it got a small take up from my crew, but as soon as it got five star reviews, the request piled in.

The Colbert, Sloane Square

The Colbert

All of London was waiting for the opening of the newest Corbin/King enterprise. After The Wolseley, Delaunay and a few others (and in the space of the beloved Oriel) there was much to be expected.

'The good old days' – David Ginola

David Ginola

Each week Simon Bunn looks back at the exploits of those that set the Premier League alight. To earn a resting place in this feature the player had to be a true Premier League legend… former Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur maestro David Ginola certainly falls into that category.