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2012 Sustainable Finance Awards - Shortlist

Forest Lake In Summer

The Financial Times and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, have announced the shortlist for the 2012 FT / IFC Sustainable Finance Awards, which recognise environmentally and socially responsible banking and investment globally.

The Dry Cleaner To Wall Street

The Dry Cleaner To Wall Street Still

Where does Wall Street takes its expensive suits? Bloomberg visits Jerry Pozniak, the owner of Jeeves, a New York City favorite of traders and hedge fund managers who have luxury clothes that need cleaning.

Niederauer on Autism Benefit, Trading Volume

Duncan Niederauer Interview Still

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) CEO Duncan Niederauer spoke with FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Nicole Petallides about the low trading volume in the markets right now saying “there are so many macro issues out there right now; we don’t control the macro environment. In a low volume, low volatility environment, it is going to be hard for anyone to move the needle so you have to keep control over what you can.”