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Tom Cleverley and the top strikes which left fans wondering...

Tom Cleverley

Tom Cleverley’s goal at the weekend against Newcastle United provided fans, pundits, and managers alike with food for thought – the debate as to whether he did or didn’t mean to score. Here is a look at four other excellent strikes, which left us asking just how did they do it?

JPMorgan Protests Too Much About Bear Stearns Lawsuit


New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s fraud lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase for the misdeeds that occurred at Bear Stearns Cos. has sent exactly the wrong message to Wall Street: Don’t worry, you can get away with seemingly criminal behavior.

Napping at Your Desk — Now Made Easier!

Sleeping In The Office

Napping has been endorsed by everyone from NASA to the NBA. Studies have shown it can boost your brainpower, improve performance, help with weight loss and even enhance your libido!