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Cyprus Seeks Eurozone Bailout

Euro Toliet Roll

Cyprus has become the fifth eurozone country to seek outside financial help to shore up its ailing economy after a day of heavy selling on financial markets prompted by fear that this week's European summit will end without a blueprint to rescue the single currency.

The paradox of Scalia's dissent on the supreme court's SB1070 ruling


The Arizona immigration case follows the outlines of the case over the Affordable Care Act: both pit the administration against conservative state governments; both create crucibles for the forging of a new definition of "activist judges"; and in debates over both policies, conservatives have used economic fears to stack the deck in what is really an argument about civil rights. Justice Antonin Scalia reliably withering dissent from Monday's ruling on the SB1070 law begins its conclusion with just such a feint:

Doubts grow over David Cameron's welfare blitz

David Cameron Gestures

Fresh questions over the cost, timetable and viability of universal credit, the centrepiece of the first wave of the government's welfare reforms, emerged on Monday as David Cameron unveiled 17 further reforms aimed at lopping £10bn off the welfare budget.