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Gambit – Review

Digital Video Recording

This is a flat-footed remake of a mildly amusing 1966 caper movie starring Michael Caine as a cockney conman posing as an aristocrat who hires chorus girl Shirley MacLaine to help him cheat the infinitely rich Herbert Lom in Hong Kong and in a fictitious Arab state.

Hewlett-Packard and Autonomy Dig in For a Long War

Tug Of War

Until last week, Dr Mike Lynch was being hailed as "Britain's Bill Gates" after selling Autonomy, the software company he started in his garage, for £7bn to US titan Hewlett-Packard. The mathematics whizz had almost single-handedly restored Cambridge's reputation as Britain's answer to Silicon Valley and was feted as one of the rare examples of a scientist turned successful businessman, having pocketed £500m from the 2011 deal.

Now Man Utd Stand Accused Over Low Level of Corporation Tax

Old Trafford

Manchester United, one of the world's richest football clubs, has paid more to its tax advisers than it has in corporation tax returns over the past six years, the Observer can reveal. The club has kept payments on its £2.1bn in revenues for the period to a minimum, with no corporation tax at all being paid in two of the years it has been owned outright by brothers Joel and Avram Glazer.

Osborne to Halt 3p Fuel Duty Rise

George Osborne Close Up

George Osborne is planning to freeze the planned fuel duty rise in his autumn statement, after coming under pressure from his backbenchers and receiving support from key Liberal Democrat colleagues.