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The Great 4h x 100m Delay

Runners Mordoc Sxc Hu

The 100m final is usually regarded to be the pinnacle of the Olympics. What a shame that the entire US audience had to miss out on it in favour of, are you ready for it? Horse jumping and water polo.

In Love, Society Sets Up Men For Trouble

Power Of Women Gabriella Fabbri

So says a rather no-holds-barred article on, a site that will never deliver it to you nicely, or without a sh*tload of expletives. But it's an article worth skimming through and taking with a grain (or five) of salt.

Spurs or Arsenal ? Who'll Finish Ahead ?

Champions League

Spurs have becomes serious rivals to Arsenal in the race for Champions League places in recent years. And this season also looks likely to be another close race, as both clubs step up their challenge to compete for a top 4 finish.