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Barclays Victory, Larry Fink Not Leaving Job

Barclays Canary Wharf

A U.S. federal judge ended a two-year-old case against Barclays involving its dealings with sanctioned countries, closing one investigative chapter against the bank even as it faces multiple continuing inquires.

Xstrata's Chief Financial Officer Quits

Exit Sign

Xstrata's chief financial officer is to quit the miner following its takeover by Glencore, becoming the first director to abandon ship after investors failed to approve a gold-plated retention plan as part of the deal.

Facebook's New Plan To Grow Revenue


Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has a new plan to grow its user base-and mobile revenue-by expanding the reach of its mobile messenger app. Starting Tuesday, anyone with a mobile phone can sign up for Facebook Messenger, using just a name and phone number.