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Risk Management: Not Sexy, But It Matters

Sex on the Shelf - Peter Hamza

Risk management is a term that conjures up images of dismal back offices where accountants slave away in the blue cast of computer screens. But since the financial crisis, it’s a term that has become headline news.

Banks Create Singapore’s Canary Wharf

Bank Of America & Credit Suisse - Canary Wharf

Singapore’s Marina Bay area is emerging as the city’s new financial hub, with banks including Standard Chartered and Barclays taking bigger offices as they pursue Asia’s expanding ranks of millionaires.

The World's First Underwater Bar

Maldives Header

I guess that the Niyama Resort have heard the rumours that the Maldives will one day be submerged due to global warming, and have gone ahead and done something about it.

Terra Firma to Set Up a $5bn Renewable Energy Investment Fund


Private equity firm Terra Firma has joined with the Chinese Development Bank to create a multi-billion dollar renewable energy investment fund. They will start 'raising between $3 and $5 billion in the next few months, with China Development Bank to put an as-yet-undefined amount into the fund'.