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London's Luxury Ping Pong Bar

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Not the kind of Ping Pong bar that you may or may not have visited on that business trip in Bangkok, this is a family friendly venue where you can eat, drink and play ping pong!

What is the point of Man City signing De Rossi?

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It feels like every other day that Manchester City is linked with signing Roma’s Daniele De Rossi. It is a story that is quickly becoming boring, but of more irritancy is the question why? What is the point of signing De Rossi?

Parsons on Pandit: He Was ‘The Right Guy’

Dick Parsons Interview Still

Former Citigroup Chairman Dick Parsons, who retired in April and last year awarded Vikram Pandit a multi-year retention plan worth $40m, says from his new winery in Tuscany that the CEO's abrupt departure last week was 'appropriate'.

Stade Reims - A sleeping giant finally emerges from its slumber

Stade de Reims 1950

If we were to travel back in time 60 years then the name Stade de Reims would undoubtedly be on the lips of most fervent football fans across Europe. During their golden era Stade Reims ran supreme domestically, within a 16 year period between 1949 and 1966 ‘les Stadistes’ accumulated six league 1 titles, two Coupe De France titles and an impressive five Trophee de Champions titles.