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Could black footballers 'boycott' UEFA competitions?

Champions League Pitch

Depending on various outcomes from the Serbia v England under-21 match, which brought shame on football, could the likes of Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand and Manchester City's Yaya Toure & Mario Balotelli consider boycotting the Champions League?

NFL Week 6 Power Rankings - Part 1

New York Giants Victory Parade

After the first 5 weeks we were able to gauge an expectation for every team in the league. Week 6 took those expectations and threw them out the window. There were unexpected results throughout, but it was the win of the number 1 ranked defence over the number 1 ranked offense that caused the biggest shift in the power rankings. The other power shifts can be tracked below in my assessment of this week’s rankings.

Kanjoos [REVIEW]


Another venture outside of the West End, and this time to slightly overcast South London. Tara Arts Theatre has a very community type of feel, very different to being in the West End, and I have to say quite refreshing to have a slightly different experience.