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What Benitez means for Chelsea this January

Benitez Tour 2

Rafael Benitez coming in at Chelsea has opened up a can of worms over how the club may behave in the transfer market. With Benitez only in until the end of the season, can Chelsea expect any big signings?

Rihanna – Review


On paper, pop stars are in the business of selling tunes and gig tickets. In fact, we all know they really sell an unattainable idea of fabulousness, as established by the star system of old Hollywood.

Gambit – Review

Digital Video Recording

This is a flat-footed remake of a mildly amusing 1966 caper movie starring Michael Caine as a cockney conman posing as an aristocrat who hires chorus girl Shirley MacLaine to help him cheat the infinitely rich Herbert Lom in Hong Kong and in a fictitious Arab state.