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Beauty: Forgotten Perfumes

Man Holding Nose

I was listening to 6 Music the other day and whooped with joy when I heard Blue Boy's Remember Me for the first time in what must have been years.

Banned Former HBOS Banker Attacks City Regulators

Iran Nuclear Missile Test

Peter Cummings, the only former banker of HBOS to be fined and banned from the City, has launched a scathing attack on City regulators at a private parliamentary hearing in which he admitted he regretted taking the job running the bank's commercial division.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year: One Last Contest After The Marvels of 2012

London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal

On Sunday night the annus mirabilis of British sport will conclude with one of 12 contenders being crowned BBC Sports Personality of the Year. The famous trophy – a silver-plated camera on a tripod with the name of each winner engraved on individual shields attached to the plinth – has always been prestigious. But never more so than in 2012, a year of unprecedented sporting success.