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Angelina Jolie Set to Direct Second World War Drama

Angelina Jolie in Salt

As Ang Lee's Life of Pi opens in the UK, news emerges of another man/raft/ocean film in the works. Unbroken is based on real-life story of Olympian and air force officer Louis Zamperini, who survived on a raft for 47 days after a plane crash during the second world war and later was captured by the Japanese and spent many years in brutal POW camps.

Privates On Parade [REVIEW]

Privates On Parade

The campiest show currently playing in the West End is not Viva Forever. (That's the cheesiest show.) It's the hilarious Privates on Parade, currently showing itself at the Noel Coward Theatre.

Shopping on Christmas Eve

Burdines West Palm Michael Lisicky

When I was a child, there was nothing as fun as going shopping with my father for my mother's gift on Christmas Eve Day. Invariably, we'd end up at the handbag or fine jewellery counter at Burdine's ('the Florida store').

Viva Forever [REVIEW]

Viva Forever

I owe the Spice Girls a debt.They made my final year at University great, and I got drunk and danced to their music on many a night. We all did, so let’s not deny it.