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Bank of America On The Hire

Bank Of America Building

Bank of America is hiring Will Abbott, former co-head of equities at Renaissance Capital, as the U.S. bank rebuilds its Russian business, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.

Banks Still Too Clever For Regulators

I'm A Clever Bagger Bag

After the banking crisis it became clear that banks had been too smart for their regulators and it seems this is still the case, if the findings of a survey by Europe's top banking regulator is anything to go by.

Let's Play Barclays £1m Banker Bingo

Barclays Building Sign

Have a guess how many people at Barclays earned more than £1m last year? Could it be 100? No, it must be more. HSBC revealed 192 in its ranks in 2011 and Barclays is much bigger in investment banking, which is where the real money is made. So 300? Or 500? Even more?