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Is Virtual Reality The Next Big Thing In Gaming ?

Question Mark

Virtual Reality seems like a remnant from the 1990s-but the team at the start-up Oculus thinks there's still a lot of potential in the idea-and it has managed to bring several of the video game industry's top developers onboard.

EA: Where Now For The Games Giant ?

Fork In The Road

If HBO called right now and asked me to pitch ideas on a new series about the games industry, I know what I'd put right at the centre of it: EA's search for a new CEO. In March, John Riccitiello resigned from the position after a tumultuous period of change and controversy.

Book of Mormon [REVIEW]

The Book Of Mormon

When it comes to comedy I prefer mine raw. So with the writers of South Park and the creator of Avenue Q in the mix, I was expecting this – the hottest show on Broadway that has now arrived in London – to really hit close to the mark, and follow Jackie Mason’s mantra: “Tragedy is when I cut my finger, comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die”.