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SAC Capital Further Relaxes Redemption Policy

Oliver Twist

Faced with continuing legal headwinds, SAC Capital on Friday morning informed investors that it would relax its redemption policy, allowing them to pull their invested capital from the hedge fund over two quarters rather than three.

CBOE Staff Knew Of Problems Before Outage Hit: Report

BSOD Error

Chicago Board of Options Exchange staff knew of problems with software hours before the glitch caused a half-day outage, but they thought they could fix them, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing people briefed on discussions.

Star Trek – Review

Star trek Ent

Arriving in time to ride the wave of hype preceding the new film, Star Trek the game tells a side story about Kirk and Spock buddying up to save the galaxy from a doomsday device stolen by thieving lizard men, the Gorn.