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The Summer Six

White Wine Hajnalka Ardai Mrs

"It's what happens when you sit outside every night, drinking wine." At least it's better than the Freshman 15, I thought, but is it? That goes on over nine months. This goes on over three, or four if you're lucky.

NBA 2013/14 season review: The New York Knicks

Knicks Playoffs

With the NBA season roughly two months away all basketball fans are beginning to get excited about their favourite team’s return to action. Whether your franchise is set to tank or challenge for it all, it’s impossible not to want the NBA back in full swing.

Deadline Day analysis: Manchester United's failings exposed

Manchester United Old Trafford

Finally it has passed; the male's version of Valentines day is now over and the fallout continues on social media. Logging on to twitter in the late hours last night, it was apparent that there was a distinct consensus with how Manchester United handled the summer transfer window.