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Maternity rights in the UK

Pregnant Belly 3 Benjamin Earwicker

If you are planning a family or already have a little one on the way, and have questions on maternity and paternity rights in the UK, then this is the info-graphic for you.

Doug Engelbart obituary


Doug Engelbart, who has died aged 88, will be remembered as the man who in 1963 invented the computer mouse, but that was incidental to his vision of computers augmenting the human intellect and increasing our "collective IQ".

Piper Alpha survivors recall disaster 25 years on


Even 25 years on, Charles Haffey's most powerful memory of the Piper Alpha disaster was the overwhelming, deafening noise. The vast inferno created by simultaneous eruptions from ruptured gas and crude oil pipelines sounded like thousands of blow torches alight at full pressure.