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Instant message group scrutinized by regulators

IM group scrutinized by regulators still

Bloomberg’s Liam Vaughan reports on the senior traders at Barclays, Citigroup, RBS and UBS being investigated for alleged manipulation of the forex markets, saying officials are now looking into the group’s instant messages.

Escape Plan – review

Arnold Schwarzenegger

What's the most preposterous aspect of this not-so-great escape: that Sly Stallone should be playing the brains behind the weighty tome Compromising Correctional Institution Security ?

Love, Marilyn – review

Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Niagara

The Actors' Studio is thrown wide open with Liz Garbus's puppy-eyed tribute to Marilyn Monroe. Uma Thurman, Viola Davis, Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood are among the stars lining up to recreate the former Norma Jeane Mortenson's breathy tones.