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JD Salinger's unpublished stories leaked online

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If the reclusive, controlling, JD Salinger had not died three years ago, inevitably he would be suspected as the source of the leak of three short stories, including an early version of The Catcher in the Rye, which he had ordered not to be published until decades after his death.

Time to kiss Japan deflation goodbye ?

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Data showing inflation in Japan hit a new five-year high in October is news to cheer for sure. But it may take more monetary stimulus for inflation to hit the levels the Bank of Japan wants to see, analysts say.

PlayStation 4 review: a games machine to play together

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Twenty years have passed since the original PlayStation games console arrived, utterly disrupting and revolutionising the industry. Sony had a simple plan: build a powerful console that would inspire gamers and developers. The company has done just this – again – with the PlayStation 4.