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Manchester clubs struggle as balance of power shifts back to London

Premier League Trophy

Of the last 7 Premier League campaigns, Manchester United have won 6 and Manchester City 1. Chelsea, London sole representative winner of the title during the period, last picked up the trophy 4 years ago. Arsenal haven't won the Premier League for 10 years, and Tottenham have never finished higher than 4th (twice).

Fleetwood Mac – review

Listen to Music

You're looking at your watch, consulting the set list from a recent Fleetwood Mac gig in Dublin and thinking: it has to happen soon. We're running out of songs.

Vince Cable prepares to launch crackdown on executive pay

No Pot Of Gold

The 30-year battle over boardroom pay enters a new phase on Tuesday when business secretary Vince Cable hands shareholders the power to throw out executive remuneration policies that are too generous and forces companies to simplify the data they provide about what they pay top bosses.