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80% of Americans stressed out at work

Stress Test

Ever have one of those days where you're so stressed out that you snap at someone - or you tear your desk apart because you can't find your keys and you know they're there somewhere?!

Morgan Stanley brokerage force has new leader

Morgan Stanley HQ

Six weeks after being named to lead Morgan Stanley's brokerage force of more than 16,000 financial advisers, managing director Shelley O'Connor has streamlined the sales organization and replaced some key executives.

Hedge fund to return $2bn amid volatility

Hedge Fund

Hedge fund Coatue Management plans to return more than $2 billion in capital to investors in its flagship fund on June 30 after extreme volatility in technology stocks led to a 9 percent loss in March.

SEC 'too tentative' over Wall Street

SEC Building

A trial attorney from the Securities and Exchange Commission said his bosses were too 'tentative and fearful' to bring many Wall Street leaders to heel after the 2008 credit crisis, echoing the regulator’s outside critics.