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Clegg-baiting: A cruel bloodsport

Nick Clegg Q&A 2

Nick Clegg would do everything in his power to stop his children going into politics, he told an interviewer this week, since it's such a beastly business and you need the skin of a tank to survive.

Madonna dismissed from jury duty without hearing a case


Madonna dutifully fulfilled her civic responsibilities on Monday, when she reported for jury duty in Manhattan. The singer was apparently dismissed from the courthouse after less than two hours, with officials stating that they already had enough potential jurors.

Steve Wozniak: No one wanted to work under Steve Jobs ever again

Steve Jobs From Apple Com

Steve Jobs was known for being ruthless and controlling, driven by a desire for perfection with a clear image of how products, practices and Apple should be, which helped him turn the company around after rejoining it from NeXT in 1996 when Apple bought the computing startup. But that same drive had an effect on his relations with employees.

Work-life debate: Can women have it all ?

Business Woman

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi's comments last week on whether working women can have it all-a fulfilling career and family life-has reignited the debate on how best to balance career and family.