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Companies still blasé over cybercrime

Iran Missile Test

International companies remain blasé about the threat of cyberattacks, despite a number of high-profile and costly breaches, according to a major survey out on Wednesday.

Another billionaire emerges from private equity

A Billion Dollars

James Tomilson Hill, the Blackstone Group vice chairman who runs the company’s $58bn hedge-fund business, has emerged as a billionaire as the world’s largest private-equity firm and his art collection have surged in value.

World Bank: 'Prepare for next crisis now'


Bad weather in the U.S., the crisis in Ukraine, rebalancing in China and the anticipated rise in interest rates will hit global growth this year, according to the World Bank, which has urged countries to continue urgent reforms.

Six degrees of OJ Simpson

Kevin Bacon

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the O.J. Simpson case is that everyone in Los Angeles had a connection to it.