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Ex-Barclays traders sue over legal fees

Barclays Bike

Three former Barclays traders charged in the U.K. with manipulating Libor sued the bank in a U.S. court claiming it’s obligated to keep paying their legal fees under a law protecting whistle-blowers.

Pimco executives: 'The firm is moving forward'

Bridge Runner

Pimco executives sought to chart their way back into the market's good graces after the high-profile departure of the firm's founder, telling CNBC that a still-formidable roster of talent and an aggressive focus on equities would assure future success.

FX scandal prompts tougher measures from FSB


A panel of global regulators, responding to a manipulation scandal that’s shaken the financial industry, backed measures to make it harder for traders to exploit key benchmarks in the $5.3 trillion-a-day currency market.