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Tudor Jones shutting down first fund he ever opened

Hedge Fund

Hedge-fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is closing the Tudor Futures Fund, the first hedge fund he ever opened, in order to focus on his far larger flagship fund, Tudor B.V.I. Global, according to people familiar with the matter,

George Osborne pleads competence or chaos as he tries to rubbish Labour

George Osborne In Thought

‘And the finalists are ... George Osborne, Theresa May, William Hague, Nicky Morgan and Sajid Javid.” Jeremy Hunt either hadn’t made the cut for this particular edition of Fifteen to One, with which the Conservatives had chosen to start their new year election campaign, or had got stuck in A&E. Such a shame the health secretary couldn’t make it as the NHS has been such a success story for the Tories recently.

Asda slashes petrol price by another 2p

Petrol Station

The fuel price war between the big four supermarkets has pushed prices on the forecourt closer to £1 a litre after Asda said it would cut petrol and diesel by 2p a litre from Tuesday and Tesco responded with immediate price reductions.