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The Marcus Lattimore story

Marcus Lattimore Runs In For TD

Marcus Lattimore's prospective NFL career was ruined when he suffered devastating injuries in a College Football match at the weekend.

NFL Week 7 Power Rankings - Part 1

Atlanta Falcons

If week 6 was filled with unpredictability, week 7 returned us to business as usual. The teams that had established themselves in the best of the league continued as such. The rest of the league should take note off the Packers who are starting to get stronger and stronger week-on-week and could be a genuine threat if they are able to make it into the playoffs. However, as things stand now, this is how I rate the teams in the league:

“A hit is a Hit!!” - NFL, sport or soap opera?

Monday Night Football - NFL

“A hit is a Hit!!” exclaimed Herman ‘Hesh’ Rabkin in the direction of Christopher Moltisanti, during a Sopranos episode of the same name, and though we may reference fictional characters, which are referencing the quality, or lack thereof, of music, the title remains thematically poignant, as the NFL has embraced this notion with ruthless abandon…

NFL Week 6 Power Rankings - Part 1

New York Giants Victory Parade

After the first 5 weeks we were able to gauge an expectation for every team in the league. Week 6 took those expectations and threw them out the window. There were unexpected results throughout, but it was the win of the number 1 ranked defence over the number 1 ranked offense that caused the biggest shift in the power rankings. The other power shifts can be tracked below in my assessment of this week’s rankings.