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Does Eli Manning deserve top pay?

Eli Manning

Should New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning be the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL for his next contract? His stats don't support that.



NFL: Washington Redskins at New York Giants

NFL star DeSean Jackson wears police-tape shoes to protest 'senseless killings'

The silent protest Colin Kaepernick started over a month ago has grown into a full movement. On Sunday, Washington’s star wide receiver DeSean Jackson became the latest athlete to make a statement about police killings. He risks a fine from the NFL and perhaps more signifiant punishment by wearing special shoes painted with yellow caution tape for the team’s home game against Cleveland.

Jacksonville Jaguars' Allen Robinson and Indianapolis Colts' Vontae Davis in action

Wembley win finally gives Jacksonville Jaguars something to write home about

Pitchside pyrotechnics, pillars of popcorn and a mascot descending from the roof on a zip line. The National Football League celebrated a decade of regular-season games at Wembley as only it knows how. There was even a first win of this season for London’s ‘home’ team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, who survived a wild fourth-quarter rally to beat the Indianapolis Colts 30-27.